Static Methods

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In Python, classes can have static methods. However there is no real concept for static variables, it can be achieved but that is more advanced than the current scope.

class DateFormatter:
    # This is to tell that method is a static one
    def format(date_str, format_pattern):
        print('Applying format pattern ' + format_pattern + ' to date arg' + date_str)

    def default_format(date_str):
        print('Applying default format pattern to date arg ' + date_str)

# Static methods are called on Class 
DateFormatter.format("280042018", "ddMMyyyy")

d1 = DateFormatter()
# Static methods can be called from instance too

@staticmethod is the way to tell that a method is static. Static methods can be called as Class.method() or on the instance as well. Note there is no self paramter in the static methods definition.