Hello World

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This is customary introduction which prints Hello World out there on console.


  • Python 3 (custom installation with option as install for all users)
  • PyCharmIDE (All code examples are run here)

As .java is to Java, .py is to Python. Just create a new file hello_world.py in IDE and write below code in it.

print("hello world")

You can run it via IDE right click or by issuing following cmd on cmd prompt:

> python hello_world.py

Interesting fact : Go on cmd prompt, type python and you will get python console. Enter import this and you will see cool guidelines for writing code. That is known as PEP-8

Naming Conventions:

Unlike Java, Python doesn’t recommend camel cases for naming. So file names, variable names and other such declarations have lower caps with underscore has logical delimiter. For example hello_world.py and variables as customer_name and not customerName.