This is a guide for Java folks who want to learn Python. This guide tries to see what in Python can be used to achieve things that we did in Java. This gives some comfortable start to Java people before diving deep in Python with a new perspective.

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What is tuple


3 minute read

Unlike Lists interface and primitive type arrays in Java, Python has only one such type for representing lists i.e. list. Let’s dive in code directly.


2 minute read

When it comes to inheritance Python is bit different from Java. Firstly there is no interface keyword in Python, to define contracts a module named Abstract ...

Class Methods

less than 1 minute read

Name, class methods is confusing, but keep in mind that they are not static or instance methods. Basically Python has three type of methods:

Static Methods

less than 1 minute read

In Python, classes can have static methods. However there is no real concept for static variables, it can be achieved but that is more advanced than the curr...

Private Variables

1 minute read

In Python there is no concept of access modifiers. There is no keywords like protected, private and public. So how do we encapsulate data, how do we stop any...

Introduction to Classes

1 minute read

Python has similar concept of classes as Java does, although there are many differences between both language implemenations. Let’s first see how classes are...


3 minute read

In Python functions start with def keyword followed by function name and the paranthesized list of parameters. The statements that form the body of the funct...


less than 1 minute read

Coming from Java background we have accustomed to writing variable as follows :

Hello World

less than 1 minute read

This is customary introduction which prints Hello World out there on console.